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Apple’s iPhone event will be on September 7 in San Francisco →

August 31, 2016

Regardless of leaked news, I am always excited to see what new in the world of Apple. What can I say... I am a fanboy at heart.

The NFL is putting tracking sensors inside its footballs →

August 31, 2016

It is fun to watch technology invade the sports arena. I can already hear the moans of those who want to keep the sport in its raw form.

IBM bets big on health care →

August 30, 2016

Massachusetts is already home to an estimated 260 companies in digital health — from startups to big firms like athenahealth Inc. in Watertown and Nuance Communications Inc. in Burlington — that develop software used in the health care industry. But many feel the sector is poised to grow as technology becomes more integral in health care. As health care payments continue to change, rewarding doctors and hospitals that keep costs under control while meeting quality scores, it is increasingly important for health care providers and insurers to track and mine patient data.

I have said it once and I will say it again. The Healthcare market, alongside the "living room" market, is the next to see a major overhaul. It is prime to be popularized and mined for data. I actually think it is coming sooner than many would think. However, it seems that many are still missing the point on exactly how to approach this problem. Nevertheless, I assure you, someone will figure it out soon. Watson is just the start.

Apple has published a great free learn to code course for Swift →

August 26, 2016

This is a good read on Apple’s new Swift focus for teachers written by John Weatherford. I have been holding back on learning swift for a number of reasons (time and uncertainty being the main ones) however, while at WWDC, it became clear to me that Swift is the future that Apple is focused on. Guess it is time to learn the future!

Judicious Use of Sh***y Code →

August 26, 2016

This is a short, simple, and yet elegant, post written by Jared Sinclair about how to approach writing a new app; especially if you are in the learning phase. I must admit, I am guilty of spending more time on writing “beautiful” code than I am bringing it to fruition. Sometimes you just have to let go and release the product. Any who, I’ll leave you with a quote by Jared Sinclair himself.

If your goal is only to learn, then write clean code. But if your goal is to build a successful business, then stop trying to impress your heroes. Learn as you go. Be messy. Don’t use new technologies. Don’t use new languages for their own sake. Don’t waste time trying to think of the most elegant way to break an egg. Just smash it on the counter and leave a FIXME: comment and move on. The only question that matters: is this app fun or what?