Apple has published a great free learn to code course for Swift — on GitHub

This is a good read on Apple’s new Swift focus for teachers written by John Weatherford.

I have been holding back on learning swift for a number of reasons (time and uncertainty being the main reasons) however, while at WWDC, it became clear to me that Swift is the future that Apple is focused on. Guess it is time to learn the future! Also, here is Teaching Swift For Teachers. A great reference made in the aforementioned article.

Hello world!


For years, I have wanted to start a blog and today, I decided, is the day! No more excuses.

A short premire

Every time I sat down to begin this process, I weighed out my options. Should I build from scratch or start with a modified wordpress template. Suffice it to say, this daunting question consistently left me with the same result; no blog! In order to overcome this, I made a decision. Keep it simple. Enter my new relationship with wordpress.

Over this wonderful journey, I fully intend on re-writing this blog from the ground up in front of your very eyes. In fact, I hope to document every piece of the re-write in order to share how you too can create a blog from scratch. For now, I ask for your patience in the future hurdles to come.

What should you expect?

It is hard to set an expectation of what to expect as it is my hope that this blog will be multifaceted. As I mentioned above, I am an addict to learning and so, you can expect that, should I learn something new and interesting, it will certainly end up here. However, if you are a gambler, it is safe to wager that you will see a great deal of the following:

  1. iOS development discussions. What can I say? I am an Apple fan through and through. In fact, Apple is a major contributor for my passion of development and technology! This does not mean that this blog will be free of Apple criticism. It will actually be quite the oposite.

  2. Anything related to technology. Technology is shaping the way of the future. It is fun to be a spectator to what is in store!

  3. Anything related to coffee and/or wine. Should I explain this? How can you not love coffee and wine?

If I am being honest, I am using this site to force myself to learn more and share it with others. In a very real sense, this site has a selfish motive. I just hope you get more out of it than I.

Surely there is an outcome

Of course there is! To share as much as I can with those of you who are kind enough to follow. I have learned so much from people such as Marco Arment, Casey Liss, John Siracusa, John Gruber, Ray Wenderlich, and the like. Believe me, I could post a list of lists pointing to those I have learned from before me. So, it is my hope that I can return a fraction of what they have given me.

For now, I hope you enjoy. And here’s to a another fantastic journey.